Primus accessories camping, outdoors & hiking

    For over 130 years, we have been passionate about cooking and boiling water outdoors all year round, whatever the location. With our camping accessories like plates, mugs, camping tables, and camp coolers, the dinner experience in nature becomes something truly special.

    Overview Primus accessories: plates, mugs, camp coolers, tents and ignition steel

    At Primus, you'll find camping equipment and hiking accessories that make outdoor cooking easier and more enjoyable. Carry ice, food, and drinks in our coolers, start a fire with our lighters and ignition steel, and serve with our plates, cutlery, mugs, and glasses at a Primus table.

    Primus plates & cutlery 

    In Primus' range of plates and camping tableware, you find:

    • Campfire Plate: durable bowl in stainless steel, perfect for pancakes, pasta or grilled cheese.
    • Campfire Plate Lightweight Tritan: durable plastic plate in red or grey.
    • Campfire Bowl Small: small bowl in stainless steel, great for soups, stews and snacks.
    • Campfire Serving bowl with lid: Large bowl in stainless steel for food prepping, salads or campfire popcorn.
    • CampFire Serving Kit: large bowl and 4 plates in stainless steel for prepping or serving food.

    You also find the following camper cutlery sets:

    • Campfire Cutlery Set: lightweight in durable stainless steel.
    • Leisure Cutlery Set: cutlery in stainless steel with silicon wrap in different colors.
    • Lightweight Trailcutlery Tritan®: ultralightweight cutlery in durable Tritan.
    • Trailcutlery Aluminium: lightweight cutlery in aluminum.
    • Campfire Chopsticks: chopsticks in two detachable parts that fit in small storage sack.

    Primus mugs and glasses

    Among Primus mugs and cups in stainless steel you find:

    • 4-Season Mug: double-walled traditional coffee cup in stainless steel, perfect for coffee or hot chocolate. Available in 2L and 0.3L.
    • Kåsa mugg: double-walled small mug in stainless steel. Fill it with water on you hike or drink your take away coffee on your way to work.
    • Koppen Mugg: double-walled coffee mug with lid in stainless steel that keep the beverages warm longer. Available in 2L and 0.3L and several colors.

    Among Primus glasses you find:

    • Drinking Glass Stainless Steel: durable camping glass in stainless steel.
    • Drinking Glass 0.25L: drinking glass in scratch resistant Tritan. Available in red and grey.
    • Campfire Pint: traditional pint glass in stainless steel. Available in black and silver.
    • Campfire Pint Steel 4 Pack: durable 0.6 L pint in brushed stainless steel.
    • Shot Glass Stainless Steel 4 pcs: 4 packable shot glasses in stainless steel.

    Primus meal set for camping

    • Meal Set: camping set in 8 pieces with smart storage container. Available in several colors.
    • Campfire Serving Kit: 4 plates and a kitchen bowl in stainless steel. Use the kit to prep, store, transport or serving your food.

    Primus camping tables and campfire chairs

    Campfire Table is a practical and easily transportable camping table for 4 people that can be used as a dining table, for socializing and playing cards, or for prepping your outdoor meal. The foldable camping stool, Campfire Stool can be used as a campfire chair or for breaks on hiking trips.

    Primus camp coolers and outdoor bags

    • Ice Pack: a small cooler with a roll-top opening, made of PU-coated polyester. Fill it with ice and use it in combination with a large cooler.
    • Campfire cooler bag: small, insulated bag with integrated bottle opener. Perfect to fasten to your backpack.
    • Campfire Utility Sack: 8L bag with roll-top. Use it for food, water, trash, or used cutlery.
    • Rolltop Bag Outdoor och Feed Zone: waterproof roll-top outdoor bags that hold your camp kitchen.

    Primus lighters and ignition steel

    With a Primus lighter and ignition steel, it's easy to light your stove or start a campfire regardless of the weather. Here, you find Primus PowerLighter with a narrow flame, Ignition Steel Small, available in several colors and also in size Large, and Filling Adaptor that can be used to refill Primus PowerLighter and other refillable lighters. 

    Primus tents 

    In this category, you find the Primus tent Bifrost Y6 with space for 6 persons, as well as tent poles.